Marketing encompasses identifying consumer needs and then matching those needs with solutions keeping in mind the ‘value’ of the product or service that is being offered. Seslong offers holistic solutions to clients aiming for an effective connect with target consumers. Whether you are a global giant or a home-grown solutions provider, we would like to partner with you to help your organization grow consistently.

Our process is comprehensive and considers a macro-view of the marketplace and your organization. Through an exhaustive external and internal discovery, market research and analytical process, we jointly define specific opportunities, issues and critical success factors. We work to define your market situation and your organization’s readiness to capture existing market opportunities. We then work to define your unique and sustainable marketing strategy complete with operational plans and metrics.

The key points that go behind effective marketing are:

  • Understanding the Consumer – need, capacity, willingness to buy.
  • Consumer Segmentation – based on demography, sex, age, taste, etc.
  • USP Development – Identifying, defining and marketing the uniqueness of the product or service that would make it stand out and induce the consumer to buy.
  • Marketing Mix Optimization – effective blend of pre and post purchase advertising to maximize sales.
  • Launch Plan – Various methods that can be used to launch a new or rejuvenate an existing product or service.
  • Advertising Strategy – We assess most favourable means and create the best communication strategy for you. Our solutions go beyond traditional advertising media.
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